Source for myrtle leaves and berries
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Where can I order myrtle leaves and berries online for delivery to the United States?

They are common in Sardinian cooking. The berries are more important than the leaves, so if there's a source that only has the berries that's okay.
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It looks like you might be able to get them here.

I spent time in Sardinia (Alghero and environs) on my honeymoon and it was fantastic. You can get Mirto in some places here in the states. Last place I saw it was at Eataly Wine in NYC, if you're the imbibing sort. I would not be surprised if Eataly also had myrtle berries.
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Response by poster: It looks like you might be able to get them here.

Alas, no. That's what I tried before turning to Ask, but after going through the ordering process I discovered they don't deliver to the US (though the site will let you try).
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Don't know how I feel about this, but someone's selling ones he dried himself on eBay
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Oh, and there are dried leaves on Amazon
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Best answer: It looks like Gryffon Ridge Spice Merchants has the leaves. You might ask them if they would carry the berries as well.
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Best answer: For the record: I emailed them and Gryffon Ridge does not carry myrtle berries. They seem like a good source for the leaves, at least.

Organic Gourmet carries myrtle berries. It does not offer delivery to the United States via the website, but I contacted them via email and they should be able to work something out.
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