I need to get out of town in my electric car with my dog. But where?
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Where can I find a hotel, resort, vacation cabin or non-camping getaway within 100 miles of San Francisco that allows dogs and has EV charging - preferably this weekend?

I'm stressed and I just need to escape for the weekend.

Part of my stress is that our old-fashioned gas car is in the shop, so I can only go about 50 miles away from the city, or 110 miles if there's an EV charger when we get there.

My husband, teen and dog are coming with, which makes finding accommodations even trickier (as the husband doesn't camp, the teen needs a fold out thing or separate room and narrowing us down to pet-friendly accommodations).

Beach, forest, whatever. Just not SF, Oakland or city. A private hot tub would be a huge, relaxing bonys.
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Best answer: Check out Guerneville its 75 miles out so you'll need a charge, but You can find a bunch of relatively cheap rental homes on VRBO, many with hot tubs and many which will allow dogs. Not so sure about the charging stations but I'm guessing you might be okay there as well.

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Do you have quick charge capacity? If so, what model EV do you have? Once you get there, is trickle charging overnight a viable option for you (that's what I would do with my car if there wasn't a level 2 or QC around).

One thing to keep in mind is that I find my range is decreased when I have 4 passengers vs just me.

I think Guerneville would be great! Wine, woods and river!

I'll be relaxing there at the Boon hotel soon (they are dog friendly).

They claim to be an eco-friendly hotel so they'd probably let you trickle charge if possible.

A quick check on plugshare.com shows some level 2 chargers en route. That is my preferred website for checking out locations of charging stations.
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