Peroxide for Urine Stain on Hardwood Floors?
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I am renting a house with nice, very old wooden floors, and I just discovered a 20" square dog-urine stain under a box I had on the floor. For some reason, it never smelled until I moved the box, so it may have been there for a long time. It has clearly soaked the wood. I'm extremely embarrassed. What are my options? I've read an earlier askme post where the conclusions are basically that replacing the floorboards is the only option. But it might have only been there for a day - is there anything I can try first, in case I can clean it up myself before it turns into a huge expense? I've done a bit of searching and found some testimonials about covering with hydrogen peroxide soaked rags. Is that worth a try?
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We used peroxide for a dog urine stain on a wooden floor. The result was okay, if you weren't looking for a dog urine spot you probably wouldn't know what it was, but it definitely didn't remove it. Basically, it just lightened it and the floors were light to begin with, so it worked out alright. So, I think it will depend on the color of your floors - if they are dark, it's going to be a problem.
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To neutralize the smell, I would get an enzyme-based pet urine cleaner and follow the directions. Then if there's a dark spot, try the hydrogen peroxide. Pet stores and big box stores have pet urine cleaners.
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Was in your situation, used peroxide, and had a similar outcome to Desjardins. It'll do something, but it won't do anything - and that might be enough. Give it a try.
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It might be worth calling in a pro to look at it. Skilled carpenters can work magic with that kind of thing by pulling a few boards up and mixing them around. Inside closets, interspersing them in a more artistic kind of way that makes the stain practically invisible.

I wouldn't want to risk wrecking the wood any worse than it already is.
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I had a friend that made quite a good living off things like this. When I asked him what he did, his first words were about dog urine soaked area rugs. He would leave a border of original floor along the walls, cut out the center rectangle, and then put in a design in wood flooring - simple or fancy, your pick.
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Someone else will tell you what the name of the good spray that's not Nature's Miracle is. Pee Be Gone? I had decent luck with that, but what really sealed the stink in was marine polyurethane. Many thin coats, but it worked.

This was in a closet with a cat box that hadn't been changed in three months.
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Anti Icky Poo. Best product out there, but you have to follow the directions carefully (i.e. do not clean or bleach or peroxide the area first, it will denature the enzymes that make it work), and it may take several applications. I would address the smell first, then work on the cosmetic damage.
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