Grow a quinine tree in California?
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I live in Sunset zone 14. Could I grow a Cinchona Pubescens tree in my yard? Because: how awesome would it be to have both a lime tree and a quinine tree, maybe at the front walkway or something? (Cue Esquivel.) Bonus: where to buy the rootstock?
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Even if you can, you shouldn't. It's considered one of the most invasive species of trees, crowding out native plants and causing a "dramatic loss in species diversity".
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Best answer: Looks like it's not going to work for you. Sunset Zone 14 has average low temperatures of 26 degrees F, but Chinchona pubescens can't tolerate temps below about 46 degrees F. It'll die of cold in your yard. (Finding one looks like it'll be no small task, too.)

The good news is that if you did find one and coddled it in an indoor-outdoor pot or greenhouse set up, there would be very little chance that it would become invasive in your part of California.

However, I salute your interest in small botanical jokes! Might I suggest a lime and juniper vignette?
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