A rodent made a hole in air filter box (Honda Fit)
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I have 2009 Honda Fit. A rodent made a nest in the engine air filter and chewed a small hole in the bottom of the air filter box. As the hole is in the bottom of the box (1/2" across) any air coming into the box will still go thru the filter before entering the engine. Is leaving the hole open going to cause any issues?

Is hotter engine air entering the intake system going to cause any issues?

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Seems like a future rodent might treat it as an invitation to move in. I would be inclined to seal it with appropriate heat-tolerant material.
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Best answer: It will make the car louder. Really. A big part of why the intake to so many cars is long and circutious is making the engine quiet. A big reason those modified hondas and toyotas sound so bad and loud is the intake has been shortened and modified in a (usually) misguided attempt to squeeze more power out of a small engine.

The best way to fix this is to get a piece of flat ABS plastic (it is more heat and petroleum product resistant than most plastic) cut to be a little larger than the hole (tin snips or a coping saw will cut it just fine) and use silicone RTV gasket sealant to 'glue' it in place. It will work just fine.

You can also change out the whole air box with a junk yard or ebay replacement, but this is much harder and not really suitable for DIY unless you are already pretty good with a car.

Or you can just live with it. the car will adjust to the air temperature, but it will lose (some) power and overall isn't great for the car, but it won't actively break it either. I would be pretty cautious of leaving it for a long time however.
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Best answer: You could also try some duct tape, not normal stuff, but metallic tape that is actually made for ducts.
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