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I am looking for international news coverage (All forms welcome, but print media preferred) of anything negative about Times Square. Trying to find news articles which would discourage someone visiting the US from going to Times Square. I have tried Google News and some basic internet searches, but of course it's hard to know what to even search for in other languages. I can get a budget for this, and I would love to hire someone to research it for me, but what kind of service do I search for?

I have spoken with a couple larger media monitoring firms, (Burrelles, Cision...) but they all require I first choose the country I want results in before they start searching, and even then most countries require setting up a monitoring program for going forward, as opposed to a backwards search of existing articles.

Tips for finding coverage directly, or who to hire for something like this would both be appreciated. Examples of coverage in English that would be perfect if they were published abroad:

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Do you have access to a university? There are good news search engines available to academic audiences.
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