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Anyone in NYC using an iPhone 5 on T-Mobile? How is it treating you? Any weird pitfalls with the service or plan?

This is a follow-up to this question. I want an iPhone 5, and with the new iPhones coming out soon, that means price drop. I'd be purchasing the phone outright.

I used to be on T-Mobile and was very happy with the service and pricing, but two years ago I wanted an iPhone so I had to switch to Verizon. Between the cost (>$100/mo.), the lack of reception in my apartment, and my inability to re-up the contract for a subsidized phone without having to lose unlimited data, Verizon just isn't worth it anymore.

For reference, I use about 2.5-3GB of data/mo., but I can cut that down if necessary (e.g. I stream podcasts instead of downloading them over WiFi first.)
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So T-Mobile just officially rolled out LTE in NYC - like in July - so I'm not sure if anyone can comment on that yet. I switched our 4's to TMO a few months ago to basically halve our bill. It is noticeably worse than ATT our prior carrier, but its not so bad that I'd double our bill to go back.

But but but. TMO is making a pretty big investment in their LTE network - basically the US is a higher margin market that DT's other investment options so it seems like they plan on destabilizing the US oligopoly and in order to that they need to get closer to parity in terms of coverage.

So if I were you I'd make the change. The price differential for us was pretty remarkable.
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Response by poster: Worse than ATT in which sense?
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coverage/availability of 3G data. But I have to say I think its gotten better just in the few months we've had the service. I do wonder if they've stopped investing in 3g and focusing on leapfrogging to LTE (tho maybe that's the same investment - I'm not sure how the tech works - and I'm probably just using that to convince myself upgrading is a good idea)

If you go the burbs a lot I'd be more concerned. My wife has to go to Morris County for work pretty regularly and regularly has data connectivity issues.
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Wifi calling is amazing on TMobile and is a real godsend in areas where their network is limited due to geography or just rollout issues (it's also extremely handy if you're traveling overseas since you don't get charged for calls or texts back home, as long as you are connecting via a wifi hotspot). If the new Iphones include the capability, I would definitely consider upgrading to those.
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I have a 3Gs and my husband has a 4S on Tmobile - we recently switched from ATT (activation charges for your free upgrade - what??). We're on a small business plan, which has excellent customer service (I have a side gig w/ an EIN so it was easy to set it up) - if you can get a small business plan I highly recommend it.

Service is noticeably spottier than with ATT, especially as you move away from the city center. Out of the city we've been on the edge network mostly, occasional 3G (usually in other cities), and sometimes roaming on ATT's network (no extra charge but they cap your data after a while). In Manhattan, service is great (Mr. Saurus gets 4G, i get 3G), except for Inwood/Washington Heights where I had no phone or data connectivity. Most of Brooklyn has been fine, with 3G/4G service, although sometimes it takes a really long time to find a network after getting off the train. South Bronx coverage was fine. Haven't been to queens/SI since getting the new phones (well, mine is same phone new sim card), so couldn't opine on that.

Note: Tmobile advertises wifi calling, but the current iPhones do not have that feature activated (yet)

Overall very happy with the switch, and I like the freedom of not having a contract or early termination fees.
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