IE10 geolocation fails
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Why does IE10 geolocation fail where Firefox and Chrome is fine?

Running Win 7 Professional 32bit machine. I have up-to-date versions of IE10, Firefox and Chrome. If I go to HTML5 geolocation demo: geolocation using Firefox and Chrome and confirm that I want to share my location, both browsers successfully show the map.

IE10, however, fails. The failure is immediate. This also occurs on my colleague's machine too running a Win 7 Professional 64bit machine. It's not only on this site either. I only noticed it wasn't working because I'm coding a Javascript geolocation service and, while checking cross-browser compatibility, it failed on that too. The error is "current position could not be determined'.

I've checked the IE options, taken it in and out of protected mode, and ensured that "Never allow websites to request your physical location" is unchecked, but it still won't work. There don't appear to be any issues raised anywhere else on the internet, so I'm assuming this is an isolated incident, which makes it more of a problem I suppose. Is there something I'm missing?

FYI I've dropped this question elsewhere, but thought someone on Mefi might have come across the issue before.
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Windows likes to silently override application settings, because it is a bastard. Check to see if there is a Windows setting somewhere that is preventing the geolocation API from doing its magic. Maybe you need to adjust your firewall settings or something like that.
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I did think along those lines, but wouldn't that affect Chrome and Firefox too?
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Because IE (can be) more integrated/aligned with Windows, there might be settings within Windows or other Microsoft programs that impact IE more directly.

Looking now at this computer (Win 7 Pro, 64 bit), there's a "Location and Other Sensors" control panel. I don't see anything there on this system, but I don't have full permission/rights on this computer. On my system, the geolocation demo stalls at "checking..." and doesn't have a pop-up/option to allow or deny the geolocation request. Chrome shows a allow/deny option, and geolocation works. This system only has IE8, which displays "not supported" instead of "checking..."
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I only have IE9 at work, but is there any chance that you once checked the "Always deny and don't tell me" option for (maybe while testing something else?)
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Assuming your computer does not have a GPS device in it, it looks like IE and Firefox both use some sort of IP-based geolocation and I would assume Chrome does as well, but I couldn't find anything official on how it works there. If they use different ones, it's possible that something is blocking the request to the service that IE10 uses, like a firewall or proxy, or even some well-intentioned security/antivirus software. If you're sure that there isn't a setting you're missing somewhere, that could be the culprit.
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