What do I do with all of these words?
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As I read, I take note of words that I like/don't know/otherwise want to remember on my iPhone. I would like to do something more interesting with these words than keep them in a text file. Any recommendations?

There's not a specific set of features I need, but I'd like to do things like get definitions, find related words, keep words alphabetized, and tag/group words. Anything more than adding new words gets tedious when dealing with plain text, though!

The closest thing I've found to what I want is the website Wordnik, but I couldn't figure out an efficient way to add words on their mobile site.
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This comes from the more technical side of things, but check out some searches of the company the words keep at The BYU Corpora.
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How about fridge magnet art? You could make a cloud and mount it in a frame?
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Take notes on sticky notes and create a mind map to better visually represent the topics you are studying to prepare to write a paper. To help organize in preparation for a test divide the notes into categories, place, people, events, organizations, etc. that type of thing. Then break down the information that way. it helped me very much with western civ and social studies in both college and high school. there is also the evernote app, which i love, because you can clip from the web, type in information yourself. hmmm..zotero is open source and great for thesis and organization of bibliographic information and notes, too. Check that out. it is supported by firefox web browser.
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Evernote and the corresponding app? No dictionary or thesaurus function as far as I know, but you can certainly log words; tag and sort in various ways; email new words directly to your account for inclusion; add notes, links and images related to them, etc. Worth investigating to see if it serves your need, if not others.
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Look for one of those Spaced Repetition flashcard systems. You input the data as flashcards, then the app will select random sets of your cards to quiz you, and keep track of which ones you got right/wrong so the next time it selects a better set of cards to help reinforce the knowledge that you have gained.

It won't help you gather the information about each word, but once you have all that and enter it in, it will help you group them and learn them.
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