Light weekend hiking in Ferndale or Royal Oak
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Looking for a nice place to do some light hiking this weekend during a day trip to the Detroit area. Preferably in Royal Oak or Ferndale because we will be in both places for different reasons. Something in nature with a loop hike between two and five miles preferably. Will travel to nearby towns for the right spot.
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Huh. Are you opposed to paved trails?
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Addison oaks is supposed to be great and is nearby.

Here is link to metro parks that have hiking. Wolcott mill is awesome but rarer far from where you will be. Stony creek is closer, but not exactly close.

The Clinton river trail and those that connect to it are paved.
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How far are you willing to travel? Iā€™m not sure about Ferndale, but Royal Oak is pretty light on actual nature trails. I think the only ones are Tenhave Woods and Cummingston Park (I have never been to either of them) Link here

The Civic Center Park in Southfield has nature trails, but the longest loop is less than a mile.

The closest one I can think of with longer trails is Heritage Park in Farmington Hills ā€“ they have a total of 4.5 miles of trails ā€“ PDF map here

Beyond that, I think you would have to head out to one of the Metro Parks for longer nature trails, and all of them are fairly far from Royal Oak.
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Check out Oakland County's Oak Routes trail network. You may have to travel a short distance to find a trail head near you, or if it has to be more nature-y, you can drive up to Independence, Addison or Orion Oaks and start there. Or you could head south into Detroit and hit Hines Park or Rouge Park.
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Sorry, that last link should be to here.
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(Happy to say that I wrote the proposal enabling the acquisition of Addison East. It's a lovely piece of land with a 2 mile loop, although it might not be the closest option for you.)
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