Online courses for IT professionals?
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I'm familiar with, Kelby Training or TutsPlus/Premium for creative professionals and learning new creative or programming related skills. Is there a good equivalent for learning IT skills? Things like networking, computer troubleshooting, server support, active directory, etc? My google foo is failing me, probably because it's an area I'm not familiar with. I would prefer an all in one type site with curated materials as opposed to just finding stuff on youtube.

What I am finding are quite pricy online training classes. I am having a hard time believing there aren't any low priced collections in the same vein of the ones available for creative professionals. Am I just looking in the wrong place?

Part of my interest in something curated in the same vein as lynda or tutsplus is that I don't know what I don't know, and having a collection to choose from will help with self-guided learning. I'm thinking anything from high level "what is computer networking?" to specific "This is how you setup sharepoint." kinds of info.
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Yes, TrainSignal sounds like it'd be up your alley (at the more advanced end, at least). They've just been acquired by PluralSight however, who are more broadly a programming related training course company.. but I suspect their catalogs will be merging/are merged.
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Microsoft has a ton of on demand webcasts and virtual labs.
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I can't help with sites, but the various A+, Server+ and Network+ exams from Comptia cover what you are looking for. If you search for books on that, you'll probably find what you want.

But a lot of this stuff is somewhat specialized, so there isn't as much information out there.

Another idea: look and see if HP, Dell or Lenovo offer their eLearning courses for free. You might be able to find it in the category of "self maintainers". I've taken their stuff (as a partner/not for public access) and a lot of it was pretty good. Exhaustive, but good.
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Highly recommend Udemy. Their normal prices are really quite low (for what you get) and they almost always have sales for 50-90% off.

Their networking basics and Cisco courses were both excellent IMO. Came with wireshark files to follow along and everything.
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Microsoft Virtual Academy provides free online training on Windows Server, SQL Server, System Center, etc.
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To add to my Udemy suggestion. Coupon code "LET50" will take 50% off almost any course they offer. Good through September. I got 80% off most of my courses a while back. I bought ten, which I've completed two of.

It's pretty much the Steam of online education.....
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A Safari Books Online subscription has been invaluable for my professional development.
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Here's one place to start, if you want to do test prep.
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I'm finishing up an excellent 12 weeks Computer Networks class on Coursera. The course doesn't help you set up computer network but it does give higher level theoretical understanding how computer network works.
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