Newly renewed New York State Drivers License expires in 1 year?!
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I just moved back home to New York from California. I renewed my NY state drivers license online and received it in the mail today. However, it expires in 1 year on my birthday. Why does it expire so soon? I don't get it. My family members license don't expire for another 4+ years.
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How old are you? If you're under 21 that could account for the short duration.
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Did you just exchange your out of state license for a NYS license? I think it would only be good for as long as the old license. It's not the same as getting a new license or renewing an in-state license.
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Best answer: New York driver’s licenses are valid for a period of 8 years. When did you previously renew your NY license? If you last renewed your NY license about seven years ago, it possible that the New York State DMV didn't actually process your license as renewal, but instead as a replacement of a "lost" license.
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Response by poster: I know why. The DMV treated it as a "LOST" license and not a straight up renewal, hence the explanation for the expiration in one year. Thank you RichardP for the answer!
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