Still and meditative HD films of the rainforest?
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I love the NRK's Bergensbanen film - a contemplative, hours-long view of snowy Norwegian railway routes. It's perfect as a kind of gorgeous video wallpaper. I'm looking for something similar but from warmer climates - jungle, rainforest, etc. Not even trains, per se - it could just be stationary, HD tripod footage from the deep jungle. Most nature documentaries are too full of cuts and story: I just want something still and beautiful, but full of greenery and birds. Any ideas?
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Sunrise Earth fits the bill.
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DVD info for Sunrise Earth.
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There's a metafilter post with a nice collection of full-length train cams. The Burma trip in that post isn't really HD but it's still one of my favorite chill out videos ever.
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have you ever wasted a day here:

armchair tourist

they are the ones that drive my local "picture frame channel" and many an evening has been lost watching that in lieu of actual programming.
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Shorter clips, but still: the YouTube videos from LandscapeHD.
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