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For social media gurus: What tools do you use to optimize your use of Twitter?

I've been googling around, but there's so much spam on this subject that I thought I'd turn to the experts here. I have two general tasks I need to do:

- Help maximize Twitter response for a media campaign
- Build Twitter followers in general for an account

I know there are whole books written on this subject, so I'll confine my question to asking

What tools do you use to keep track of and optimize Twitter?

I'd like to:
- Find and follow the people most likely to follow me back. (So, keep track of a following strategy and then see how many follow backs resulted from it.)

- Find out which hashtags are the most popular/clicked on/etc. among several synonyms I am considering (i.e., #typewriter vs. #keyboard vs. #technology vs. #qwerty). Also, learn how to find those synonyms/related words in the first place (oh, maybe I should have considered #dvorak!)

- Other cool things that software can do that I haven't thought of yet.
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Followerwonk and Buffer are my two must-have cool Twitter tools. Everything else I can manage from Tweetdeck and custom lists.
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