What are some sriracha recipes that don't use soy sauce?
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The wonderful red paste but food allergies are preventing easy recipes

I'm introducing my brother to this wonderful red paste, the only problem is a soy allergy within the family. I've tried to find some beef marinades without soy sauce but am unsuccessful - what are some recipes I can use with Sriracha, not necessarily just with beef.
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Response by poster: I forgot to mention that take the soy allergy into consideration
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Sriracha mayo (yes literally mix the two together) is fantastic on sandwiches, hot dogs, grilled corn, BLTs.
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Brussels sprouts with honey, lime, and Sriracha are amazing, and I bet the same marinade would work well on other things as well.
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Sriracha goes well on eggs and on pizza.
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Seconding sriracha + mayo. Esp. in tuna salad sandwiches (or better yet, substitute canned salmon for tuna.)

Also, grill a salmon fillet atop a piece of aluminum foil for 10 mins with the grill covered. At the 10 minute mark, put some KC masterpiece BBQ sauce on the fish, maybe 2 or 3 tbsp, and add some dots sriracha. Let it go for another 2 minutes with the grill covered. Eat.

Those are my main uses of Sriracha.
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Also! Sriracha in tomato soup. Excellent with grilled cheese.
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Sriracha potato salad (sriracha + mayo + mustard + salt/pepper with sliced roasted red potatoes) is excellent.
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Best answer: Coconut aminos make a great substitute for soy sauce. I buy mine from Amazon.
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Sriracha is often used as a condiment in phở, which does not usually include soy sauce. It seems to go well with fish and seafood flavors, so try using it as a spicy note with shrimp and other seafood.
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Try looking into Thai and Vietnamese cuisine, which use fish sauce more frequently than soy sauce. Both have plenty of spicy beef dishes to choose from. (If you haven't yet used fish sauce, a.k.a. nam pla, be prepared for the pungent smell when you open the bottle. It can be pretty alarming to the uninitiated, and is used mostly in cooking, not as a table sauce. There are some condiments made from it, but straight-up fish sauce would be a little too stinky for my table.)
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Best answer: I, too, am allergic to soy. After a *lot* of experimentation, I have discovered that you can frequently substitute Worcestershire sauce in recipes that call for soy sauce. Alternately, marmite (diluted with a little vinegar) or fish sauce can also be used depending upon how strong/weak the other flavors in the dish are. Beef will hold up just fine with Worcestershire, fish sauce, and/or marmite. Also nthing the coconut aminos!
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Sriracha on deviled eggs.
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Budget Bytes is one of my favorite food blogs, and Beth the owner is both a sweetheart and a huge Sriracha fan. Off the top of my head, this Sriracha Hummus recipe is simple and tasty. But you can search on ingredient names as well. And even better, Beth is all about keeping costs down (thus the blog name).
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I recently had the most insanely delicious appetizer at a restaurant.

Warm up marinara sauce, goat cheese, and sriracha. Pan fry or deep fry pita bread cut into fourths. Dip.
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If you're not vegetarian, fish sauce?
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