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Hello, I am a long time allergy and asthma sufferer in Chicago. Recently this summer, I have been experiencing major headaches as the weather shifts dramatically. I have an ENT who has been working with me closely, but this is going beyond their area of expertise, as my sinuses, Eustachian, and nasal passages are clear. He thinks the problem/swelling is originating from above my sinus passages. (Sorry for TMI.)

Two questions:

1) Does anyone know of a good migraine/headache specialist in Chicago? Bonus points if they accept Aetna and work with people who suffer from weather-related migraines. I have tried Google-Fu, but have found mixed results.

2) Is anyone else in Chicago with a similar medical background (asthma/allergies/sinus issues) experiencing this issues? If so, do you have any suggestions--medical or homeopathic, etc.? Some days it hurts to walk, and I'd like to get back to my regular, active self.
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Best answer: Mrs. zooropa here. I suffer from migraines (some weather related, some hormonal, some food triggered). A few years ago I went to the Diamond Headache Clinic and had a good experience. It was nice to have my headaches taken seriously, ya know? They did a bunch of testing, helped me find a couple of food triggers without doing a full elimination diet, adjusted my meds and I did several sessions of biofeedback training. At the time I had Aetna insurance. I'm not sure if they still take it, and it looks like the doctor I saw is no longer with them.
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Best answer: My wife is a headache specialist and recommends Lawrence Robbins in Northbrook. She says he's excellent and a really nice guy to boot. Web site is http://www.headachedrugs.com/ (I know it seems like a spammy domain name but I think medical people are just kinda clueless about such things.)
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Response by poster: Thanks, all! Mrs. Zooropa, could you let me know the doc's name? I've seen some truly mixed reviews for Diamond Clinic and would rather work with the doc you liked, rather than the clinic.
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Best answer: I saw Dr. George Nissan, it looks like he's in Texas now. I'm sorry, I had no idea that he left until yesterday. It's been a few years (4?) since I was there last.
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Response by poster: Thanks, again, everyone! I ended up getting a reference from my ENT. If anyone needs a neurologist specializing in migraines, memail me after 10/15 and I'll let you know how he is.
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