How can I create own automated "StumbleUpon" like pages?
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I want to be able to easily create links to websites that I share on Facebook, that link to the site but with a small strip at the top crediting me, possibly providing an ad... how can I easily do this?

Since moving most of my site to Facebook, and being a curated aggregator (for lack of a better term), there are few if any ways to monetize what I do. Alas, if people go to the site I direct them to, or share the link via Facebook, I want a way to both credit me for directing them to the site, and providing room for a simple ad as well.

Ideally, this would be easy as putting a link through a link shortener, but should still allow FB to pull thumbnail and abstract from the original site.

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Best answer: All I can say about this is is that you would have to use a non-Google source for the ads, as this kind of advertising is prohibited on the Google Display Network. To be honest, most reputable ad networks are no longer allowing this kind of advertising (it's considered a poor experience for the end user and the publisher whose content you're monetizing), so you might want to consider a different model. Unfortunately the cost of using Facebook as your de facto CMS is losing out on that money, honey.
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Response by poster: Good tip, and I agree about the poor user experience -- this is also probably why StumbleUpon doesn't put ads in their top bar.
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