How can I best pounce on tickets for an upcoming Broadway show?
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I really really want to see the upcoming Broadway production of Hedwig and the Angry Inch starring Neil Patrick Harris, and will be planning a trip to NYC around it as soon as I have tickets. The show is supposed to premier Spring 2014. Tickets are not yet on sale, and all the sources I've found say there's no information available yet about when they will go on sale. So how far in advance to tickets to Broadway shows generally go on sale? What are the best Twitter accounts, mailing lists, blogs, etc. to follow to find out the on-sale date as soon as it's announced? I'm usually pretty good at this, but I'm having a surprisingly hard time finding this stuff out, and I really don't want to miss it!
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The last Playbill article on the subject made it sound like the show hadn't confirmed a theatre yet as of mid-June. Playbill is my source for theatre news, that is the site I would be following for news on the show (maybe check the front page once a day, or sign up for the RSS and scan the daily feed for any mention of "Hedwig").
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I would also follow Neil Patrick Harris on Twitter; I imagine he will tweet out when tickets go on sale.
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If you have an Amex gold or higher tickets sometimes go on sale to cardholders before the general public.
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You might do a google alert for hits about the show on
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Best answer: I asked this question almost verbatim of a friend of my mom's who works in the industry. She wrote,

"It's important to note that Hedwig is very very early in its development process. They still have to finish casting and putting together the creative team in addition to rehearsals and finding a theater to move into. That being said, tickets won't be available for awhile. The best thing to do is to stay as connected to the show as possible through social media. That is their Facebook page, and their Twitter is HedwigOnBway. Most likely, they will put any news up there as soon as it becomes available. You should also keep your eyes peeled for when the show launches its official website. Your job will be much easier then because all of the information will be at that one place. Once the show gets a little closer, like 5-6 months out, will create a show page for Hedwig, and if you click on the "Buy Tickets" button, it will allow you to enter your email address to be emailed when tickets become available. The show's website will likely have a place for you to get on their email list as well. Tickets usually become available to the public 2-3 months before opening, but sometimes, if you're on the email list, you will get a presale code that will allow you early access."

Hope this helps!!! I cannot WAIT to see it!
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Response by poster: Exactly the information I needed, thanks lil' ears (and lil' ears' mom's friend)! I guess I was panicking a little because the year is going by so quickly for me that "Spring 2014" seems awfully close. But I'll follow them on Twitter and FB, and keep an eye out for the show's page!
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Best answer: hey, i just saw this article about Hedwig and remembered your question! looks like there's an Amex presale on October 19, and the general onsale on November 2
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Response by poster: Thanks, eleutheria! I was just coming here to update with the same info, which I found via the show's Twitter account.
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Today is the Am Ex day!! I got mine :) Good luck!!!!!! For tickets, call 212-239-6200 or
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Response by poster: I got mine yesterday, too! Eee! Thanks again to everyone for the help.
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