Disposing of a very broken cell phone?
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I have an old Palm Pre with a very shattered screen that probably doesn't power on anymore (I haven't gone near it since it shattered). What is the best way to recycle it? I live in Seattle and the city recycling does not accept e-waste. I know there are a number of places you can mail cell phones to be recycled but I'm very unclear on if they accept non-working cell phones with broken screens, etc. Anyone have personal experience with any of these services?
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Go here to see places to recycle cell phones in King County.
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Response by poster: Thanks! I guess I was just curious if these locations take very broken items? I've been successful recycling semi-working items at locations like those, I guess I've just never had anything that I considered super broken. Each place has such a specific list of things they take (it makes me feel like they don't accept generic broken items, ie e-waste.) Maybe this is a dumb question? I guess I'm just used to living in places where the local dump takes e-waste (and you pay them for the privilege).
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Best Buy takes old phones.
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Best Buy, yes. The phones are broken down to components and sold wherever pays for those components.
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At the Best Buys I've been to, you don't even need to go all the way into the store as the recycle bin thing is in the little vestibule between the store and the outside.
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Shelter Alliance takes phones and does free shipping. If you're convenient to downtown Seattle, I'd be happy to meet you and take your phone (I have a shipment going to them in the not too distant future). Memail me.
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Generic landfill is probably the safer for human beings in general. Recycling often leads to someone on another continent who is underpaid to smash it with a hammer and then pour acid on it.
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If you are by the U District, all the dorms at UW have e-recycle bins that include phones. I don't know exactly where they get taken to but from being on hall council, I know as long as the stuff is within the stuff you are supposed to put in the bins, they get taken care of properly. The ones with food courts are open now and you can just walk between 8 am and 7 pm and drop it in.
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