Banjo lessons over Skype?
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There are a number of instructors who offer banjo lessons over Skype. Does anyone have a personal recommendation? I am interested mainly in bluegrass style, though would be open to other styles if the instructor is strong. (I currently live in South Asia, so local lessons do not seem feasible.)
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Chris Quinn, though the time difference from Toronto might be difficult.
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Not from personal experience, and not over Skype, but Tony Trischka's banjo school includes video lessons and personal video responses (so instead of interacting live via skype, you record yourself and he records a response), and I've heard a number of people rave about how much they enjoyed and learned from him. The asynchronous nature eliminates any time zone problems. And Trischka's just an amazing banjo player.
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My friend - a Brit living in Spain - has lessons over skype with this guy in Florida. By all accounts he's very good and has pupils all over the world, incuding Japan.
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Response by poster: Thanks, hades! At the end of the day, I did Tony Trishchka's banjo school and it was exactly what I was looking for! Thank you also, scruss and Brian Lux, for the good suggestions, as well.
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