Good rental space in Cambridge / Somerville MA to host BYOB event?
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I'll be hosting a brew off for a bunch of friends in early November and am looking for a good venue in the Cambridge / Somerville area. I'm guessing we'll have 50-100 people and our apartment is simply too small to host that number. I'm looking for an affordable rental space that can accommodate the crowd and will allow us to bring in our own alcohol (it is a brew off after all). Nothing fancy needed, just some open space and perhaps a couple tables. Does anyone have any hot tips for places that might fit the bill?
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Why not try the VFW hall in Davis Sq.? It's about the right size, not particularly "fancy," and after all they host the New England Real Ale Exhibition. Or at least they did - I haven't been in a few years.
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I was going to say the vfw in Davis too.
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Try the Somerville Museum over on Central St. It's really lovely inside, you can easily fit 50/100 people, and I'm pretty sure you can BYOB.
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I don't think the Democracy Center is BYOB, but otherwise it is a nice cheap event space.
Uniun, is a somewhat industrial looking event space that hosts BYOB events in Union Square.
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