Bullying in the workplace:Federal employee edition
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After three months of being harassed and bullied by two individuals in my workplace, I have decided to write a formal grievance letter to request being moved to a different branch. I work for the Federal Government.

Do you have experience doing this? If so, did you have a positive outcome? Can you provide me any letter template resources located on the web? Any advice on strenghtening my argument (outside of strong documentation) would be really helpful. Even tips on how to organize the complaint would be most helpful. My main goal is to get myself moved to a different division in a different physical location.

Finally, should I consult an attorney and if I need to, are there attorneys that take on these types of cases pro-bono?
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contact me via memail.

I'm a federal employment lawyer.
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I filed a grievance with my state's Human Rights Commission. There was a lot of assistance built into the process. Check out the process and it may not be overwhelming. it's in proceess, so no result yet.

Bullying and discrimination at work can be soul-crushing and really bad for your health. Take care of yourself and good luck.
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