Why is her verizon email not arriving at other verizon addresses?
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(For a relative.) For a few weeks, any time she sends email from her @verizon.net email address to another @verizon.net email address, the mail does not arrive. Incoming mail is fine, and sending to non-verizon addresses is fine. What gives?

I believe she uses the site directly, and does not use outlook. She would also be using an i-phone.

Clues and possible solutions welcome, as are "hey! Me toos!" Verizon is apparently shrugging its corporate shoulders.
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The first thing to check is whether Verizon's own servers have her email address flagged for spam or other suspicious activity. It would be pretty odd, though, that Verizon would be the only ISP filtering it, if that were the case.

Has anyone spoken with a Verizon CSR and asked about this problem?
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I had a problem sending from a hotmail.com address to a verizon.net address last week. I would get a "delivery failed" notice each of the three times I tried sending it. So I tried sending from my gmail address to the verizon address, thinking it was a problem with my hotmail account. Well, the message still failed, but at least gmail's "delivery failed" notice included more information, so I found out why:

Technical details of permanent failure:
Google tried to deliver your message, but it was rejected by the server for the recipient domain verizon.net by relay.verizon.net.

The error that the other server returned was:
552 5.3.4 a message size of 20483 kilobytes exceeds the size limit of 20480 kilobytes computed for this transaction

I was trying to send photos, and apparently, there is a size limit for how much can be attached to a single email. I was over by 3 kilobytes. So I broke up my photos into two different emails, and this time they went through.

Is your friend by any chance trying to send photos or other large files when she is having this problem?
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I see you say you believe the uses the site directly, by which I assume you mean she uses verizon.net webmail, and the problem occurs with messages she sends from there. You would want to confirm this absolutely, however. If this is true, the issue is almost certainly on Verizon's end.

An alternative scenario is if she is using a desktop/mobile mail client that is configured to use an SMTP server to send her verizon.net mail. If the client is configured to use a non-verizon SMTP server, the verizon.net mail authority may be blocking delivery as a SPAM prevention measure. The reasoning is that their valid users should be using a verizon.net SMTP server to which their mail client has authenticated to send mail. Using a third party SMTP server, they have no way to confirm whether the message was actually sent by whoever it purports to be from.

If she has access to verizon.net webmail and the problem does not occur when she uses it vs. when she uses the mail client, that would tend to support the hypothesis.
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Caveat to the problem being on Verizon's end if the issue occurs in webmail: As fancyoats says, if she sends emails with large attachments, that may constitute a violation of Verizon's email policy which would cause the emails not to be sent. I would definitely recommend confirming whether this occurs when you send just a simple text email containing nothing but a subject line and the word "test".
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Turns out she is using Outlook. Not large attachments, however. And it is from a house.
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I had a similar issue with an ISP email account when setting up Outlook to use multiple email addresses. In Outlook 2003, if you didn't pay close attention, you'd end up with a single outgoing (SMTP) server set up for all email accounts. If the SMTP server is the one for another service, then you've got the situation rocketpup describes, where the other server hands the email to Verizon's servers for delivery, and Verizon silently drops it (or routes it to a spam folder) because it claims to have been sent by a Verizon customer, and they know it wasn't, since all Verizon customers use the Verizon servers to send mail. Other ISPs may not bother to check, so the mail still gets delivered.

It looks like this setting is more straightforward in newer versions of Outlook, but have her check her outgoing server settings for her verizon account to make sure they are the ones provided by Verizon, not another company. It is possible to set Outlook to have separate outgoing servers for each account, which is what you want to do here.
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