Incredible breakfast place in Amsterdam needed
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Where to wow colleagues with breakfast on an early Amsterdam morning?

Mefites who know Amsterdam well, I trust your judgement.

Can you recommend a nice breakfast place in Amsterdam that I can take very appreciated colleagues to on a Monday morning? The place has to be worth waking up for.

It needs to be within walking (or at least have good transport or cab links) to RAI Exhibition and Congress Centre which is near Beatrixpark.

Thanks :o)
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I haven't been in a while, but Letting, on Prinsenstraat in de Jordaan serves wonderful food. Try the wentelteefjes, sugar bread dipped in egg and cooked in a pan, served with homemade jam.
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Mrs ZipRibbons says: @7 is really good. it's just around the corner from RAI on Scheldestraat 92 — about a 5 minute walk. The menu's online here, and the hot tip (it's "fucking delicious") is the "Açaí Tigella" — An Açaí guarana smoothie with banana and cruesli.
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I had a pretty good breakfast at the Café Americain - part of the American Hotel. Good if you like art-deco.
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GreenWood's is supposed to be excellent. The one on Singel is about 25 minutes away by tram, and the one on Keizersgracht is about 20 minutes by tram.

Unfortunately, the other places I've heard good things about (Gartine, Gebr. Niemeijer, Paviljoen van Beuningen) aren't open or don't serve breakfast on Mondays.
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GreenWood's is very good, but be prepared for a wait unless you book ahead (and I'm not even sure you can).
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Gebroeders Niemeijer is a nice bakery and coffee place near the Centraal Station at Nieuwendijk 35. Nieuwendijk has lots of silly souvenir stores and Amsterdam coffee shops, but this Niemeijer place was clean and a nice place to have a nice breakfast.

Ms. jason6 and I ate here in the mornings for the three days we were in Amsterdam in March 2013. I had the standard "Continental" combination of croissant, toast, jam, and coffee. I remember the food being good enough to not bother looking for any place else during out short stay.
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Prinsenstraat isn't in de Jordaan, sorry pet peeve. But Letting is wonderful and nearby is Batôn. In de 9 Straatjes is Nielsen

Unfortunately these aren't near the RAI. I love Little Collins in de Pijp, but I think they're closed on Mondays.
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