Find me cheap month-to-month or prepaid cellphone plans!
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I recently came back from Japan. I will be staying in Cleveland, Ohio for the next few months and need a cheap-ish smartphone but would not like to lock into a contract. Month-to-Month or prepaid seem to be the only viable options, but the only one I really know about is T-Mobile. Are there any better options?

I have a Japanese iphone 4s (softbank) that I paid off and brought home. I thought I could maybe use that, but unfortunately it is locked and I would have to pay (around $100 apparently?) to have someone unlock it for me. I've also considered grabbing a wifi hotspot and relying just on wifi, but I'm not sure how viable that would be (no one can call me, could they?)

If all else fails, I will get a cheapo-smartphone at the nearby tmobile store. I'd love to hear suggestions on what smartphone/plan to go with in that case as well.

So I guess the options are considering are:

A: Unlock my iphone 4s somehow, but $100 is a bit much and I'm not sure how legit/successful it would be.
B:Cheap smartphone/month-to-month plan. Please let me know of any good ones! Is T-Mobile one of the better options?
C: Rely entirely on wifi with my iphone 4s by buying a hotspot. Is that possible?!

Thanks in advance!
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I live in a smallish town, so there might be better options for you, but the cheapest and best deal I could find was Virgin. Their data plan is $35/mo for unlimited data, unlimited texting and 300 minutes of talk.
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Virgin Mobile, just about across the board.
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Ting may be an option. It has tiered Talk/Text/Data plans and can be very cheap if you're a light user. It uses Sprint's network, so check coverage in your area. Memail me if you'd like a referral discount coupon.
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MetroPCS seems to have a pretty good month-to-month deal for smartphones. No idea about coverage in your area, though.
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If you are looking at T-Mobile, use PlatinumTel instead. Better prices and IMO very good customer service.
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Virgin Mobile and MetroPCS will not work on an iPhone you bought overseas. If you want to use that phone, your options are AT&T, T-Mobile or one of the networks that piggy back on their towers (usually cheaper). T-Mobile is cheaper than AT&T, but the signal is generally less reliable.
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Looks like Softbank in Japan uses CDMA. Does your iPhone also have a slot for a SIM card? If so, then it can use GSM as well, and the GSM capability may very well be (is likely to be?) unlocked. Then you might be able to get prepaid service from US GSM carriers (AT&T GoPhone or resellers like O2).
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Response by poster: Thanks so far, guys. So it seems the consensus is Virgin Mobile? Would love to hear other ideas.

To reclarify: My iphone is Locked. Japan is pretty strict regarding unlocking their phones. took it to a t-mobile store and they couldn't put in another sim - they said i would have to pay someone to try to unlock it. So I would have to do that, or buy a cheap phone instead if I were to go that route.
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I use a sim from straighttalk in my unlocked iPhone 4. Unlimited plan is $50/mo (including taxes) and is month-to-month. Check their website for a large selection of phones that you can buy from them also.
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Best answer: If you are considering switching to Android, you have great timing. Google just reduced the price of their unlocked, contract-free Nexus 4 phone to $199 (8gb), or $249 (16gb). Pairing that phone with a cheap no-contract T-Mobile plan should be pretty amazing.
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Seconding nightwood. I use straighttalk with an unlocked iPhone 4.
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Go on ebay and search "iPhone unlock". It's about $10-20, find someone with lots of good feedback.

You give them your ESN/imei then they send you a message a few hours later or tomorrow and you restore the phone in iTunes. Bam, unlocked.

No ones totally sure how this is getting done, but it works.

Then you do the straight talk plan above, or if you barely call this plan from tmobile. It disappeared from their site, but it still exists.
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Airvoice Wireless has some VERY affordable plans, and they can handle most phones that work on AT&T's network, including the iPhone. Right now I pay around $10/15 month, with texts at 2 cents each and voice at 4 cents/min (eating in to that credit).

Their web site sucks and it can take some back and forth to get your phone set up, but they're darn cheap. Get your phone somewhere else, they only have a few lousy ones for sale.

FYI - I do ~50-100 texts/month and under an hour of voice calls.
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Response by poster: Hi guys,

I ended up grabbing the unlocked nexus 4, the deal sold me. Thanks a bunch!
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You can use your new Nexus with Platinum Tel. They have one completely pay-as-you-go plan, which is great for people who use not many minutes. It works on the T-Mobile network. I'm a former Virgin Mobile user, and PTel is much better.
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Best answer: If you actually use a lot of data and not much voice, there is no better plan than T-Mobile's $30 a month online-only deal for 100 minutes, unlimited SMS/MMS, and 5GB of high speed data. None of the GSM MVNOs allow you to use that much data any more. One thing to watch out for when comparing MVNO prepaid plans to T-Mobile direct prepaid plans is that T-Mobile, unlike the resellers I've used, bundles the taxes into the advertised rate. The $30 plan is $30, not $32.95 or whatever.

If you need at&t service with data, Redpocket is pretty much your only prepaid option other than at&t's own (expensive) GoPhone plans, which have recently improved slightly but are still overly expensive, IMO.

Oh, one other tip, if you do go with a T-Mobile direct account, don't use auto-fill where it charges your bank account or debit card every month. You can get top-up cards online (they actually just email you a code with no physical card) at a discount. You can generally get them for 5-10% below face value.
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