An IKEA hack idea grows in the Bronx
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Is it possible to find someone in the Bronx, or in NYC proper, who would do a hack for me on a FÖRHÖJA cart?

All I want is to buy one or two of these carts from Craigslist off people and get the sides of the butcher block top sawed to be flush within a half inch of where the legs start. The space where I want to put the carts in fits the legs/shelving, but not the top.

Who can I find with a saw in my area who can do this? How can I find them?
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Any tool rental shop will have a circular saw. You can easily do this yourself. The top is solid birch according to this link. Where in the Bronx are you? Home Depot will rent tools as will Boston Road Equipment rental. My guess is if you go in with the cart and explain what you need, maybe even have it penciled onto the top to show, the person will do it for you right there.
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Yes. You should be able to find a handyman who can do it in 10 minutes. Or, as JohnnyGunn said, you can rent the saw and do it yourself.
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This is a good site for that kind of thing

You post your task (handyman is a big category) and get bids from people willing to do it. Most of the people bidding will have reviews from previous clients. I've used the site a few times and had good experiences.
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Response by poster: Thanks so much to you all; I have a basis to work from now!
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