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I live in Toronto and was hoping to get a porch swing for my parents backyard. I was wondering if people knew good stores in Toronto or the GTA where I could get a porch swing and also what people look for when purchasing a porch swing. I like wood but I feel that snow may destroy it quickly.
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The swing will be on rings or hooks of some sort and it can be detached and stored for the winter.
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Response by poster: Ideally I would like to keep the swing out throughout the winter. I wouldn't mind covering it but physically moving it to a garage or shed would be too much for my parents to do.
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Best answer: That's what they make porch swing covers for!!

There's various qualities out there, so spring for one that's a better quality, which will last much longer. If you have a lot of wind in the winter, consider bungie cords. My in-laws put a piece of cardboard over the seat before covering, as it lets the snow and wet slide off instead of puddling in the cover over the seat.

There are covers for self-standing swings in various designs, some of which provide summer shade as well as winter protection, and some made to be removed completely in summer.

Have a swinging time!
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