An illustrated post apocalypse.
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A few years ago I saw a series of illustrations about a post apocalyptic Earth. The people had regressed to medieval life and there were still advertisements and cars and passenger planes from the previous era.

They all lived amongst the ruins and I think they might have even lived in passenger plane overgrown with vegetation. I vaguely remember the story being something about a young man from a village leaving to go to the larger city to meet with a king or some one important. I think that it took place in England as well. The young man meets a trading caravan or something on his way there.

I don't know if the pics were from a book or not because I had them in a .rar file. The story was told through captions under each picture. I used to have these pics but I lost them all during a hard drive crash. Any help would be very, very appreciated.
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This is not exactly the answer, but The Book of Dave by Will Self is worth a look.
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Until you got to the story, you could have been talking about David Macaulay's Motel of the Mysteries .
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sounds like the video game Fallout 3...did it look computer generated? There's a whole little town made out of old airplanes, trading caravans, lots of crashed cars and advertisements...set in Washington DC, not England, tho...lots of quests to meet important people in big fancy (ruined old neoclassical DC) buildings. Most of the story follows a youngish character (you can decide gender) leaving his home in the underground fallout shelter "Vault" to track down his/her missing/escaped father...
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Response by poster: Wow, jferg! That is a really interesting book! I had his Castles one when I was a child and loved it a lot so I will definitely check that out.

Sexyrobot: No, it was definitely not F3. I'm very familiar with the Fallout series :)

Ovvl: Thank you for that recommendation. I'm buying a copy of that asap.
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Best answer: Graham Oakley's Henry's Quest. (Review here, gallery of illustrations here.)
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Response by poster: Thank you so much, verstegan. I am so excited you found this! Thank you again!
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Whoa, and I loved The Church Mouse when I was young. Missing this one may have been a kindness, though, because I had a concurrent dark obsession with nuclear holocaust (thanks, The Day After, Threads, etc.) and this seems like it could have intersected with my anxiety in...unproductive ways. What's up with the British making childhood horrifying?
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