More WiFi Woes
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Another for WIFIfilter: I just inherited a G4 powerbook from a friend. I updated the AirSoft software and can successfully connect to every wireless network I try--except the one in my apartment.

We have a WEP-secured wireless network with 6 PCs connected to it. My powerbook recognizes that the network is there, but when prompted for a password, it rejects it as incorrect. I've tried every variation to no avail. The WEP key doesn't work either. Any ideas?
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it used to be on OS9 that if you wanted to type in the hex key, you would precede the key with "$" as in $5030100221 or whatever. i dont know if OSX has the same convention. okay, i just tried it and it appears to take they key when you put $ in front.
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Yep. On OS-X, hexadecimal passwords must be preceeded by a $
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Hmmm. I connect to hex-password protected wireless networks at work without the preceeding $.
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The latest version of Airport software (4.1?) corrected this, I believe.

Still, interplatform Wifi networks with WEP have been a pain for me in the past.
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Have you checked that you're not using MAC filtering on WAP?
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