Trumpet concerto premieres
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I would like to know the years in which a couple of trumpet concertos were premiered: Johann Wilhelm Hertel (1727-1789), Trumpet Concerto in D major; and Johann Stamitz (1717-1757), Trumpet Concerto in D major.
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For Hertel, you seem to need to get in touch with one Torsten von Hertel in Hamburg, who's done research about his ancestor. Sadly I haven't found the contact info for the dude.
Stamitz no idea (but I haven't got my books here) the usual problem for this period is that these concertos were conceived for court performances and not publicly advertised or recorded in reviews.
Try find a version of the new MGG (Musik in Geschichte und Gegenwart) at your nearest uni library, and let someone who reads German look through the relevant entries.
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Response by poster: I just checked the latest MGG, and had a look at the relevant entries for the two composers. But although they listed their works, they didn't include dates (of composition or premiere). But thanks for the suggestion, anyway.
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I did some more online research just out of interest and didn't find much. So this question is a candidate for nuts and bolts library research.
Go via the publications cited in MGG and Groves. Also, there seems to be a modern compilation of Hertel's writings, published as an "autobiography", and there are tons of books about the Mannheim court music (for Stamitz). Furthermore, the trumpet crowd maintains its own little niche of repertoire research, and if you get in touch with the trumpet museum in S├Ąckingen, you might get help finding info.
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