I'm looking for a waxed canvas/ waxed cotton bag..
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I'd like to get largeish waxed canvas or waxed cotton shoulder/messenger bag. Large enough to hold a number of vinyl records (12x12), bigger is ok, smaller won't work. I'm looking for waxed cotton because it is waterproof and looks cool, but other fabrics would be ok if they don't have logos and are also waterproof.
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Not quite sure about the sizing on this one: Vintage Military Canvas Medic Shoulder Bag. Close, maybe a bit short but wide enough.
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Best answer: You want a Moop bag, if it's in your price range. My boyfriend has one and it is gorgeous.
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I second the Moop bag. I've had mine for over a year I think and I love it. It ages well.
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I have one of these. It is fantastic. But yeah, Moop are the prettiest.
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i have an orla keily bag i got on sale at a local store. it looks like they call them book bags on her site and they are that waxed canvas. it's really well made and holds all kinds of stuff. on her website it looks like they come in a few different patterns if you look around. here's one: multi stem
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J. Crew.
And now I'm annoyed because I crave this.
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Archival Clothing rucksack?
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oh man. this is what I had been trying to remember. Manhattan Portage bags.
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Best answer: etsy has some.
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I have the Frost River Bazaar Tote and it is awesome and can fit loads of stuff by size and by weight. It is very simple, just a classic tote with a little zipper pocket inside for small stuff and a couple inner clasps that you can use to close up the top. I highly recommend it!

Ignore the first image in that link and click in to 2 and 3 to get a sense of what it actually looks like.
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Check out the Queen Bee waxed canvas totes. I have the Sprout Daily and it's very roomy. They are a very responsive with customer service. The interior dims would appear to support your albums but I'd take a representative stack and send them the dims to compare for you. Those totes also have a waxed canvas long strap to match though it may not be on their site. However, you can ask for it and should be able to get that as well. I like the Lantern pattern for you!
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You could buy any regular canvas bag that suits your needs and wax it yourself.
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