Need a jeweler to make this ring!!
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I found a ring on Etsy and contacted the seller several times over the past month. She has not gotten back to me, but I really like this particular ring.

I'd like to find a jeweler who can make something similar for under $500. Can anyone help? I'm located in Oakland, but I don't mind doing something long distance. Thanks!
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Best answer: This seller (Metalicious) made our wedding bands, which we customized a bit. She was great to work with and I also met her in person at her "shop" (i.e. apartment) because I was local. She's very responsive to inquiries in my experience so you could see if she could make something similar.
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As this is a simple sterling silver band with embedded gems, I think $500 is quite do-able. I see plenty of simple sterling silver bands online for anywhere between $25 and $50. With this point of reference, I would assume getting something like this with embedded gems wouldn't increase the cost to $500.

I would suggest checking with local jewelers and get estimates, and don't mention your $500 cap. If they go above that, say "I was looking for something less than $500," then they can reply with what they could do in that price range.
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Response by poster: I forgot to add, I am looking for titanium or white gold, not sterling. I won't mention the price cap to the seller. :) Metalicious looks promising!
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Best answer: Gemvara has some that are similar, but not quite the same. However it looks like you can only pick 2 stone colors...

Evening Stars Band

Slalom Band
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Incidentally, that type of embedded gemstone ring is called a Swiss-set ring. This may help in explaining to a jeweler what you want, or finding it online (although you'll also get a lot of hits for Swiss Blue Topaz).
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This is driving me crazy, but I could've SWORN Etsy had a system where a potential buyer posts a detailed request and sellers sort of "bid" on it. Maybe they closed that? :( Perhaps the Etsy forums themselves would be a good place to ask.
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This ring looks simple to do, and you could commission a local designer to do it for you. Research your local Art & Design college for recommendations, or check out smaller privately owned (non-chain) jewelers in your area.

BUT stealing designs off etsy is stealing someone else's art. My jewelry teacher was emphatic about that. So they may or may not feel comfortable doing this commissioned work for you.
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Response by poster: I really like the Gemvara site, and I think I'll go with them. So, no stealing of designs! Thank you!
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Ky, it was called Alchemy, and it's not around anymore :[
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Response by poster: I'm actually talking to Stephanie from metalicious. I'm keeping Gemvara as a best answer because it really is a cool site.
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"Scatter stone" ring is another good search term. Good luck!
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