Help me figure out the term for this
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In popular culture, there's a "meme" of sorts involving a person helping another push someone over. I've seen it in goofy images and comics: someone kneels down on all fours behind the victim's legs (often smiling) while a person in front pushes the victim. Is there a term for this?
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Best answer: Tabletopping someone?
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I remember from my youth this was called "tabling", but my Google Searches suggest that spaet is right - tabletopping.
Local News Story mention
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Cowtipping in Bama
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On a television show I once saw, where x would get down on all fours and Y would push, it was called "X is a table"
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As seen being done by Tom Sizemore (the pusher) and Nicolas Cage (the table) in Bringing Out the Dead.
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I've heard it referred to as a "schoolboy." (Urban Dictionary)

(Also, the pro wrestling move of the same name is kind of a one-person version.)
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The high-low.
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