Wordpress theme for sports stats site?
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I'm building a website that will offer in-depth player profiles and statistics. I'm looking for a Wordpress theme that lends itself well to this use -- I'm picturing the homepage being a list of teams & players, with each player name linking to his/her individual profile page. Are there any themes, free or paid, that would suit this purpose well? Simple & minimalist themes a plus.

I thought maybe an e-commerce theme would actually be best, since it's geared towards building lots of product pages (in this case, player pages). Does this make any sense? Aside from potential themes, what are some search terms I can use to find these themes? Thanks!
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Best answer: I think you could use any WP theme that visually appealled to you, make the homepage a static blog post (not page) listing all the names and then do a post (not page) for each. I think using "pages" would get cumbersome. "Make homepage a static post" is a very common option.

Other than minimal, do you have other design preferences?
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Response by poster: You have the only answer, therefore, you have the best answer! But seriously, thanks, that actually helped. Working on building the site now.
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