Is locking the lug nuts on your tires a deterrent from someone stealing the tires and rims?
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Is locking the lug nuts an effective deterrent from someone stealing the tires and rims?

I woke up yesterday and found all 4 tires and rims on my car gone. My car was on the ground lying on the frame. When I get the tires replaced, will putting a lock on the lug nuts keep them from stealing them again? Or is that also just a waste of money? I don't want this to happen again if I can do something to help avoid the situation.
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I have locking lugs on my car.. My tires+rims are probably worth about $1000.. I would never consider not having the locks.

They can still be removed by force, but this serves as an extra deterrent. Surely worth it.
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Most locks can probably be defeated fairly easily, however it might make the thief try an easier target instead.
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Well, putting locknuts on couldn't hurt, and it isn't expensive. You only need one per wheel and a kit doesn't cost that much. I have locknuts on my wheels and I think the kit ran me about CAD$30 or so. Since my wheels haven't been stolen, they're at least as effective as that rock I have that keeps tigers away.
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I've always scoffed at those things, but then I live in suburbia and use the metro when I go into the city. Plus, well, you'd have to see my car. I think you can expect them to be as effective as The Club - you can steal a car with the club, but why would you bother when that car over there doesn't have a club? Unless of course this car is a Terterosa and that's a Focus.

The common way I've heard of the keys being defeated is to put a socket that's marginally too small on it and whack it with a big hammer. It ruins the socket but gets the nut off. True cheapskates use a Craftsman socket and take it for free replacement.

The big fear I have about those things is not being able to fix a flat somewhere. If someone steals my wheels it leaves me stranded in a location I already decided to stop. A flat could be anywhere. I'd suggest you buy a can of that horrible fix-a-flat stuff too for such occassions and be sure to keep the key(s) with the lug wrench in your trunk, not in the glove box where someone might smash&grab stuff.
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Its pretty easy to defeat these "lockable" nuts but the whole idea is to deter a thief and make them move to a different vehicle.

With my previous car I had a flat but couldn't find the key when roadside assistance showed up. No worries, he had a hard socket with a softer lead centre that he hammered onto the lug with a rubber mallet then loosened as normal.
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Oh, and The Club? The way around that is to hacksaw through the steering wheel

Right. Which is more trouble than that car over there which doesn't have a club on it. Thus, deterrant.
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I swear there was an AskMe early on from a Mefite whose rims were stolen twice in a row. That's the problem -- if they stole them from you once, they know where you live park.
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