Metal case for dental floss?
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Looking for a vendor to make me a metal case for a pack of floss as a gag gift. Importantly, it is for a new beau. Thanks in advance!

So...yep. Just met a guy. He's pretty cute, and sweet. He is might read this site. But hopefully not soon. Learned his birthday is coming up.

I know very little about this man, other than the fact that he has a lot of crazy things, beyond what an early gifting sesh might normally cover. I had this one idea for a gag gift - something like a flask or pocket watch, but for floss. I know. He is just one of those weird smarty pants ones. Trust. I JUST WANT A SILVER CASE FOR A FLOSS PACK. It would be silly.

Etsy and Google are turning up nothing. Men and women of MeFiā€”do you have any idea how to make this happen? Tremendous thanks in advance!
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Maybe get a silver pill case and then stick a spool of floss in there with a glue gun?
posted by Dragonness at 4:36 PM on August 26, 2013

This floss comes in a metal (and plastic) cylinder.
posted by coolsara at 4:50 PM on August 26, 2013

This picture makes me think you could take the insert out of a zippo lighter and put floss in it.
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Paint an Altoids tin?
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You'd have to measure the dimensions carefully, but maybe something like this old cigarette case?
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My dentist often gives out Glide, dental floss that comes in a very small round tin. It would fit in most anything. Send me your address and I'll put at in the mail to you.
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I have a POH floss in coolsara's link somewhere but can't find it to measure, but in my mind it is quite tiny, and it just might fit in a sterling thimble case. Alternatively, a flatter boxier floss might go in an antique match safe?
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