I have time and tamarind paste
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I would like to make worcestershire sauce in my kitchen. I have an extensive spice cabinet and I can get my hands on anything and everything else necessary. I'm willing to toast, mince, simmer, ferment, and strain for as long as it takes.

I've used the recipe in Make the Bread, Buy the Butter, which calls for a lemon and 1/4 pound horseradish (among other things) and 6 hours of simmering. It was good! Right up my alley! But the ingredients seem a little pedestrian, in that I could get everything it calls for at a regular grocery store.

The Cooks Illustrated DIY recipe uses a lot of pre-ground spices and no simmering, and frankly sounds a little dull. It doesn't even call for peppers.

This one looks more complicated, and therefore more to my liking. Plus I could use up some of my green cardamom and star anise.

Googling hasn't gotten me that far, and while I'm willing to experiment, I want to make the definitive, most complicated, willing-to-go-to-lengths Worcestershire sauce recipe I possibly can.
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I am an omnivore (and I love anchovies), but I am nonetheless intrigued by this vegan Buddhist recipe.
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That sounds really interesting! And gives me an excuse to find Japanese seven-spice powder.
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How it's made: Worcestershire sauce Duplicating this in your kitchen would not be impossible, take a while though!
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I made the vegan Buddhist worcestershire sauce! It was as complicated as I was hoping it would be, and I had a good time tracking down all the ingredients.

The "thin" sauce is actually pretty worcestershire-y and worked well in tomato sauce and bloody marys; the "thick" sauce was basically a veggie tomato sauce with apples and ginger and in no way reminded me of worcestershire sauce. I used it to marinate pork. Sorry, vegans.
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