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On September 28, 1988, James Brown led police on a two-state high-speed chase, for which he ultimately served three years in prison on a six-year sentence. This spectacle has been memorialized in two songs I know of: Big Audio Dynamite's James Brown and Pop Will Eat Itself's Not Now James, We're Busy. Are there other songs that chronicle this event?

Any genre would be accepted--it's funny to me that the only two songs I have are from UK acts.

Bonus question: was this the first celebrity high-speed chase? I assume it was the first televised celebrity high-speed chase, but were there amazing stories of, I don't know, Jimmy Stewart pushing 80 in his Bel Air at 2 a.m. on the Vegas Strip that I don't know about?
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LA Style's James Brown Is Dead was certainly inspired by it, though 4 years later.
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And there's the apocryphal story that Mrs. James Brown tried to assert that her husband had "diplomatic immunity" because he was the Ambassador of Soul.
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The 1989 song Car Thief on the Paul's Boutique album by the Beastie Boys references the event:

"The godfather of soul is in the belly of the beast"
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"Free James Brown" by Robert Lucsson? There's a Foetus song by the same name, but it really isn't about the chase incident.
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I believe Public Enemy's Who Stole the Soul? references this in the first verse.
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