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Where can I get in, quickly, for a PT appointment in Madison, WI?

I'm in the UW Health system, but they're chronically overbooked, and, even though I have a referral, I can't get in to see anyone for three weeks. On Saturday, walking was painful enough that I spent half the day just lying in bed and reading. Some days aren't so bad, but, I would prefer to not spend three weeks before even starting to get treated.

Does anyone have experience with a PT provider outside of the UW Health system that they'd recommend?
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Have you tried Meriter? I know there's a PT clinic in Monona, but I don't know what the deal is now that UW/Meriter are being all jerks to each other and shit. I don't know what the wait time is, either.

Otherwise, I have no idea. :( Good luck!
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Are you on straight UW insurance? If you have Physicians Plus, you can call the Wildwood Clinic, they have a PT clinic there. They take a LOT of different plans, so it's worth a shot. I'm sorry you're having this problem!
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