Marisha Pessl's "Night Film" as eBook
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Based on some of the negative reviews, it sounds like the more stylized portions of Marisha Pessl's "Night Film" are a mess on Kindle devices. Can anyone comment on how it is using the Kindle app on an iPad, or in iBooks?
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I'm only about 40 or so pages into it, and I wish I had a physical copy. The newspaper/magazine/media articles are formatted to look like the actual articles. That means for me, some of the text is much too small to read. I wasn't able to effectively resize it on the Kindle to make it more legible.
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I have the epub version but haven't started it yet. Is there any page in particular you want a report on? I tried to convert to mobi with Calibre and can report on that as well.
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I have a physical copy though I often read books on my iPad, for the exact reason that the pictures/emails/webpages that are formatted a certain way in the book seem like they'd look like crap on the iPad. I'm about 150 pages into it and it's a heavy beast, but a really good book and it's just really a nice experience to read through the physical book ( I mean this one in particular, totally get the appeal of ebooks).
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Using a PC based e-book reader, the NYTimes clips look just fine.
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Is it possible to find a setting on the Kindle or iPad in which you could reformat it so that none of the italics appear? Because I am reading it in hardcover right now and the decision to italicize words in every single paragraph is, I swear to God, almost enough to make me set it down.
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I'm reading it on a kindle now, and the news clips being images are all difficult to read. I'm going back to my PC e-Reader.
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