I want to play GTA 5 the instant it comes out. I'm also lazy.
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Hope me, mefites with experience pre-ordering video games in Canada! I want to play GTA 5 right away but I don't really have the inclination to go to the store and get one. I ordered it from amazon.ca with priority shipping (1-2 days) but my order confirmation says the delivery estimate is Sept 23/24 - this is not ideal: release date is Sept 17. a) it this in your experience correct? and b) can another online retailer do better? I'm in Vancouver, if it matters.

... or should I just drag my ass down to Future Shop or whatever?
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Best answer: Do you have a PS3? You can buy it through PSN and get it the day it comes out.
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Response by poster: Yoink! I do. I hadn't even considered that, thanks!
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Best answer: Just don't expect it to download quickly. Downloading stuff from Sony's servers takes forever, and I'm sure GTA V will be larger than the average game. It's still probably your best option, but I would be ready to start the download and then walk away for a couple hours!
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It's not as bad as it used to be but GTAV is 18GB, that's going to take a while regardless.
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