Pick-up shredding services in NYC?
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I am a bit of a pack rat. I’ve made a lot of progress in dealing with this problem but I still have several garbage bags’ worth of paper in my apartment that I don’t need and want to get rid of.

I tried using a home shredder to solve this problem but after several weeks’ worth of daily ten minute shredding sessions, it completely shit the bed. I suspect most home shredders really aren’t up to the task of shredding several years’ worth of documents; they’re designed to deal with shredding a small incoming volume of unwanted mail.

The solution that I propose is hiring a pick-up service for a one-time shredding job. Which companies would you recommend for this? Which ones seem to have the most reasonable rates? What kind of rates can I expect for the service? Do these services force you to buy their own packaging at a markup, similar to the practice among some moving companies? Is there anything else I should know?

Many thanks in advance.
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Best answer: The UPS store by my house does shredding.
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Best answer: Last time we did shredding at the office (small business in Brooklyn), it was $125 for the first bin and $50 each additional bin. Two contractor bags of documents filled up about half a bin.
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Best answer: I recently used ProShred (in Westchester County). Total for 5 bins (years and years of documents) was around $300. They came, took the stuff out to the truck at the street and shred it right then and there. Couldn't have been easier or the gentlemen nicer.
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Best answer: I used Code Shred about five years ago. At the time, it was $65 for two or three bank boxes of documents, I think. They were really nice, flexible, and prompt.
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Best answer: if you want to schlep the bags yourself, try Office Max. the one near me offers shredding. fees are calculated by weight. IIRC one big blue ikea bag's worth cost me about $15.
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