I hate iPhoto, except for the fact that it imports and organizes by date
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After years and years of agony, we're quitting iPhoto for OS X. For now, we're using Lyn plus existing cloud backup rather than paying another monthly nut for Dropbox or the like. The only problem is, I like that when iPhoto imports photos, it organized them by year, month and day. I'd like to find a way to replace this functionality -- Apple script, existing software, whatever -- without actually importing them into iPhoto.
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Have you considered Picasa?
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I feel you. Every single photo organization program is terrible in different ways.

jhead is a command-line utility (works on OSX, apparently) which can organize photos (the -n option) by date. Something like this invocation will move all the jpgs in the current directory into a file-structure with folders for year, month and day:

jhead -n /Pictures/%Y/%m/%d/%f.jpg *.jpg
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