Boston Ikea how-to: difficulty level, no car
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Boston-area Mefites: share your wisdom! We are looking to furnish our Medford, MA, apartment. We'd like to shop at Ikea. The problem is, we don't drive (we aren't legally qualified, so Zipcar doesn't help). Ikea will deliver from the store, which is great but leaves one problem: How do we get to and from the store? Any advice helpful; more details inside.

We can get to any kind of Boston-area public transit, but there doesn't seem to be any way to get to the store via public transit. The best I have found is to take the 210 bus, which stops 3 miles from Ikea -- not ideal.

Any experience doing this or thoughts on how to do it would be much appreciated. Thanks!
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You can hire someone with a truck or van. CL seems to have a lot of ads, and you might ask around for referrals from someone you know and trust. Or you can get a friend to rent a car or van and drive it.
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Check your MeFiMail.
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I've never used it, but this question seems tailor-made for Lyft. Unless, of course, DiscourseMarker has already offered you a ride, in which case go with that. :)
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Can you just take a cab? It looks like the Boston area Ikea is a ways from Medford so going the whole way by cab might be cost prohibitive, but could you use a cab to cover the gap between the nearest bus or train stop and your destination?
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I expect you do have a lift by now, but we have grown accustomed to car-pooling to IKEA, 154 miles away. We rent a looong passenger van, and take the first six people who are up for it, which usually requires about fifteen minutes or two phone calls to recruit. The big stuff gets shipped; the small items and loot get stuffed in the van for the journey back. Six of us including gas requires about $25 each, the cost of a cab across the island down here.
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I would take note while you're in the store of anything you might like, but want to purchase later.

You can order online from Ikea without having to go in the store. Thus saving you extra car trips.
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Call a car service and tell them you need a van.
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If you're not already set, friend plus rental van is the way to go. But don't do it this weekend, it's going to be a madhouse.
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