Is there any way to repurpose a peek pronto?
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So there is this device that used to be on the tmobile network called the Peek Pronto, which was soley good for emailing, SMS, Facebook and Twitter. It was discontinued in 2012. I found all this out after I found one in my mom's room, and she doesn't know how she came by it. My question is, is there anyway to re-purpose this phone for something else? It has a TMobile SIM, but maybe there's some way to alter it so it can access wi fi? I dunno, I'm a sucker for upcycling/reusing, and also for obscure mobile devices. Peek Pronto Review.
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Best answer: According to this website,
In October 2010, Peek retired service to its Pronto and older Peek Classic device. Without their mobile data connection, Pronto devices were rendered completely non-functional. The company offered a "free" upgrade to the Peek 9 for all current service subscribers. Without some hacking, using the Peek Pronto today is impossible.
Also, what appears to have been the main source of Peek Pronto hacking news,, no longer exists. Unless you're a hacker yourself, or know one, the answer is probably "no".
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Response by poster: Thanks for the info. It's times like these I wish I were a hacker, it just seems like such a waste. :-/ Ah well.
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