What bird call is in this Band of Horses song?
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On the Band of Horses song "Infinite Arms," what bird is calling in the intro?

Link to song is here. Bird's call best heard in the beginning. First thought is that of a whipporwhill, and it's a sound I've heard on the living on the East Coast, but I know near nothing of birds save for these damn early AM robins.
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Best answer: I'd say you were quite close with Whippoorwill -- it sounds to me like the related Chuck-will's-widow which I've heard in Florida. Here's a recording of its call -- there are a few more on YouTube. Wikipedia tells me that Ben Bridwell of Band of Horses grew up in South Carolina and Arizona, within the range of the Chuck-will's-widow.
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On closer inspection, Arizona is too far west for Chuck-will's-widows, but SC probably has lots of them.
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I think it sounds almost exactly like the Whip-poor-will in this recording.
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Response by poster: Thanks! Incidentally, univac, in the comments of your linked video someone says that the Whip-Poor-Will is actually a Chuck-Will's-Widow! +10k pts to point for what seems like the answer, +1.25k to univac for support.
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