What are the most affordable and helpful wine stores in NYC?
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What are the most affordable and helpful wine stores in NYC? I'd like a wide selection of bottles $15 and under sold by nice, helpful, non-pretentious people. I am aware of Trader Joe's Wines and Astor Place Wines. I'm in Fort Greene, so anything in Brooklyn or Manhattan below 60th St is most helpful!
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The Greene Grape's wine store is in your hood -- they are extremely nice and helpful, and will deliver if you aren't in the mood to stop by. A little further afield for you is Brooklyn Wine Exchange in Cobble Hill. I'm not a connoisseur but I've never had trouble getting an affordable bottle at either place.
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Shawn's at 7th and Garfield, in Park Slope.
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Have you been to Gnarly Vines? It's on Myrtle ave in Fort Greene. I've bought several $15 and under bottles there that I've liked. So far I've only browsed but I've seen the workers there helping other people choose wines for certain dishes/occasions.
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Make the trip to Bed-Vyne. They have a great selection of inexpensive wine and the staff is really down-to-earth.
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Best answer: The best wine stores are right in your neighborhood!

I find that the folks at Greene Grape on Fulton are very helpful, and Gnarly Vines over on Myrtle in Clinton Hill is also great for this, too.

There's also Thirst Wine Merchants on Dekalb, but in my opinion the proprietors are snooty and they specialize in less accessible wines at a higher price point than what you want. But they're worth checking out for sure.

A bit further afield, Prospect Heights has some great wine shops, too. Check out The Winey Neighbor on Washington -- which gives all their wine music pairings! -- and Why(not) on Franklin near the 2/3/4/5 subway. There's also one on Vanderbilt closer to Grand Army Plaza which I always forget the name of. They're a little less quirky and a little more traditional, but they have a great selection.

There's an interesting wine store around the corner from Dough sorta towards Bed Stuy, too, but I don't remember the name of it or exactly where it is.

This concludes your scenic tour of places to buy wine in Fort Greene, Clinton Hill, Prospect Heights, and Bed Stuy.
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It's above 60th, but Pour (Amsterdam and 75th, isn) is the best I've ever been to.
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+1 for Brooklyn wine exchange if you're in the hood.
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Nthing Gnarly Vines. They even deliver (if you're close enough) and have a loyalty program!
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Best answer: It's weird no one mentions Chambers Street Wines. It's been written up as the best wine store in the states and the two partners are extremely passionate about very affordably priced wines from the Loire. Many of the other places named here would shout out chambers as their biggest influences.
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I'm a big fan of Bottlerocket. Friendly staff, frequent shopper deals, interesting selections and unique events.
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It's weird no one mentions Chambers Street Wines.

Probably because OP lives in Fort Greene where there are like 5-6 really great places to buy wine in walking distance.

There are TONS AND TONS AND MOTHERFUCKING TONS of world class wine shops* in New York. But if you're like "I live in neighborhood X, what's the best place nearby to get a cheap decent bottle of wine?" more people are probably going to recommend wine stores in that neighborhood rather than a whole separate borough. Especially when, like the case of Fort Greene, there are a ton of great options.

*I am still kicking myself that I didn't know about the Sherry-Lehman holiday temp staff thing when I lived there.
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