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What job titles should I be looking for? Help me think outside the Educational Sales box. I recently got laid off from a job as a Field Sales Rep for an educational publishing company. Prior to that, I worked in field sales positions for companies focusing on technology for people with disabilities. I’m looking for a new job, and maybe a new career, but need guidance on job titles I should be seeking.

My jobs have always been focused in the education and employment sector (job developer for people with disabilities, sales of technology for people with disabilities, sales of educational curriculum with a focus on at-risk kids and adults.) It’s obvious to look for Sales jobs in these areas, but I’m wondering if there are other types of jobs I should be exploring that would tap into other areas of interest. In analyzing what I’ve enjoyed about my previous jobs, I have come to the conclusion that my mission is to connect people to information, services, skills and/or products that enhance their quality of life. That could include delivering a product, providing training, I’m not sure what else. And I like to feel competent at what I’m doing (who doesn’t?) The people I get most excited about impacting are kids who fall outside the box (kids with disabilities, at-risk kids, foster kids…) However, I get almost as passionate about living healthy (fitness and food), and just good food in general. Almost nothing gets me more excited that introducing people to great restaurants in their area they didn’t know were there (I had the opportunity to do this a lot when I was traveling and meeting with customers) or sharing a great meal – regardless of whether I’ve cooked it or I’m eating out. I love the idea of community around food.
While I’ve been out of work, I’ve been taking on some volunteer opportunities: being a “reading buddy” at a dual immersion elementary school (Spanish/English) and with some deaf kids (I sign), and doing a couple cooking classes for foster kids and emancipated foster youth living in group homes. I am LOVING these experiences. I have also started a walking MeetUp and having a blast with that. I have discovered in conversations on these walks that many people want to eat healthier but don’t get around to cooking healthy meals for themselves, especially if they’re single.

A couple challenges: I’m of a certain age, which for the first time I think might be having an impact on my job search, I only have a BA, and I’m used to making a field sales rep salary and would like to continue doing so, especially with a daughter getting ready to go off to college. I’m fine with a job that has “Sales” in the title, but it doesn’t have to, I’m fine with travel. And I fine with job in educational sales so long as I’m working for a company with similar passion not solely driven by making money for their investors to the exclusion of their employees and customers (and it’s just so hard to know unless you know someone already working in a company). Are there types of jobs I should be exploring that tap into my skills and interests that I’m not thinking of?
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Have you considered selling online courses/degree programs to employers who have employees that might benefit from such educational opportunities? You could do this on behalf of a university you love and admire, or your local university. Online education from a legit university is very attractive to both students and employers.
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What about working for a library vendor?
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