What movie/show/book am I thinking of?
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I am struggling to remember where I saw this scenario play out, I'm hoping it will ring a bell to someone out there. I only remember vague details so I may get some things wrong. It's about a drugged out couple helping a stranger rob them and only later realizing what happened.

The basic gist is a couple is high on LSD, and they're awash in the trip. The main character is thinking about how happy he is to be with his woman and also that other person in the room (doctor? Fairy?). The imagry is very drugged out happy and lovey dovey.

Suddenly he realizes there weren't supposed to be any other people in the room. His trip crashes to an halt when he comes to the realization that someone had invaded their home and robbed them of everything. At the time the couple was so high that they didn't realize what was happening. He had even given them the keys to his car because be was so caught up in the good feelings of the trip that it seemed perfectly natural to him.

I think that the stranger who took advantage of the dopped up
Couple might have even kidnapped their baby.

Does this ring any bells for anyone? Are there any scenes I could be thinking of that have a similar idea?
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I certainly remember seeing this scene somewhere; I just can't remember where. Trying to dig in my brain to remember what this might have been from. Sorry this isn't of more help, but I wanted to say that I do remember this from somewhere as well and will post back here if I figure it out.
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Might it be one of these Top 50 Trips in Movies?
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The Acid House has this which might sort of fit your scenario if it was a fuzzy memory... "The Acid House: An acid trip and a bolt of lightning result in amiable schemie Coco Brice exchanging bodies with the baby of a middle class couple."

I am finding so many cool movies while trying to google this.
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The first thing I thought of was a scene in True Blood where Jason and his girlfriend are tripping on V, and there is definitely fairy imagery, but I don't remember much else about it. Pretty sure it was season 2.
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I read some episode recaps and I'm completely wrong. Never mind.
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This story reminds me of an old urban legend: a group of LSD-addled teenagers are wandering around when they encounter what they believe to be some kind of magical creature: an elf or a goblin. They manage to capture it and take it home, and they try to get it to grant them wishes, but it refuses, so they lock it in the closet. They go to bed, come down from the high, and hear a child's sobs: the "goblin" was really a 5 year old kid (with Down's syndrome, in some versions of the story.)

Obviously this isn't identical to your story, but maybe yours is also is an urban legend rather than a scene from a particular book or movie?
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Response by poster: @Pretentious Illiterate- yes it does remind me of that urban legend, I've heard that one before. The scene I'm picturing is more sinister though, the sober strangers taking advantage of the drug users who are too doped up to realize they just gave away their (car, kid, everything?) until their trip ends and the damage is done
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The film Upstream Color is a bit like this.
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