Standalone utilities to analyze 23andMe raw data
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Looking for standalone applications to analyze 23andMe raw data for non-geek user.

I am looking for standalone utilities to analyze 23andMe raw data. All utilities I found so far are web based and the data owner is not comfortable uploading data to any website to perform the analysis.

I came across Genome Express, that looks like can be installed on a local computer (but the dbSNP database they have is rather old, current dbSNP version is 138).

Does anyone have other recommendation? Please note that the data owner is not a geek so scripting is not an option.

Thanks in advance.
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It's not dead-nuts simple--you've got to install R and write some commands to kick off the included scripts--but DIYDodecad will give you your probable genetic admixture.
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Promethease might be a possibility - the paid desktop version does not upload your full genotype to a server, there is some minimal privacy risk as it requests a few pages from SNPedia.

The Interpretome is web-based but doesn't send your genotype across, it will send only the population you select to best identify you.
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There is also Enlis. No personal edition though. Promethease worked well for me.
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